11 January 2024
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11 January 2024, Comments Comments Off on Case Study Holywood


35 years service from Villavent MVHR system in Holywood

Mr Alan Scott, Holywood, first got in touch with HomecAir back in January 2014 regarding replacement filters and servicing for his Villavent-Systemair MVHR system following an online search. The system was installed in 1988, and was quite novel for the Holywood area at the time.

Overtime Mr. Scott considered upgrading his MVHR unit on a couple of occasions since initially contacting HomecAir but on inspection by a HomecAir engineer his MVHR unit was still performing as it should, without fault. Mr. Scott was able to continue with his existing MVHR unit, reassured in the knowledge that he would be able to contact HomecAir if any issues did arise or if he subsequently decided to upgrade to a modern more efficient Systemair unit.

Finally in 2023 Mr Scott decided to upgrade his MVHR unit in preparation for building work to his home. He now has a modern, efficient Systemair VSR300 MVHR unit installed by HomecAir after 35 years of service from his original Villavent-Systemair unit and we are delighted to have worked with him and look forward to further feedback in the future.

What the customer said

As parents with four young children, we lived during the 1980s on the outskirts of Holywood in a bungalow built in the early 1970s. The house suffered badly from condensation and mould on north facing walls so, when we acquired a site near the centre of the town to build a new house, a priority was to make sure that this house was well insulated, warm and free from condensation and draughts. We discovered that all new houses in Sweden were required to install a heat recovery system which provided the necessary means to ensure a regulated air flow which provided a supply of fresh air while recovering the heat from the “stale” air being extracted. The system was made by Villavent in Sweden and we found a firm near Holywood who supplied the system and who also designed the configuration to fit our new house. I installed the system when the house was being built in 1988.

The system has been running for thirty-five years since then without any faults. The air always feels fresh, cooking smells and condensation are swiftly removed without the need for extractor fans in the kitchen, utility room and bathrooms. We were fortunate in finding HomecAir who supplied a new unit which was easily connected to the existing ducting and electricity supply. The new system is running smoothly, is virtually silent and provides the same functionality as the previous one. The main difference is a modern and unobtrusive touch control panel which allows the user easily to change some settings and which also provides a reminder whenever the filters need to be changed.