12 August 2015
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12 August 2015, Comments Comments Off on Are All Filters Created Equal?

Are All Filters Created Equal?

Filters are easily one of the most important components of a Heat Recovery Ventilation System. Homecare Systems’ Villavent system boasts high quality, allergy approved filters. Best to ensure your system has good filter design for better indoor air quality.

Is the filtration equal across heat recovery systems that are available?

No, think about:

– Grade of the filters in heat recovery ventilation unit

– Cross sectional size of the filters

– Are the filters bag or rigid cartridge

– Surface area of the filters

Filters that are low grade will fail to remove many polluting and allergy causing particles.

Small filters will block up quickly relative to the capacity of the unit and the amount of pollution in the environment, requiring changed more often and drastically increasing pressure in the system if they are not.

Bag filters offer more surface area which means they will last longer, introduce less pressure increase to the system in their lifespan and have to be changed less often. We understand Villavent are the only manufacturer of heat recovery ventilation systems that incorporate bag filters in their wall mount MVHR/HRV units.

High Grade F7 Filter

F7 fresh/ outside air filters are currently the best factory fitted filters for delivering good air quality.

Homecare Systems’ Villavent unit use a high surface area F7 pollen filter for fresh, incoming air and an EU3 filter for exhaust air expelled to outside.

This removes particles, down to the size of bacteria, from the air entering your home and avoids wasting energy filtering the exhaust air to outside.

Are two F7 filters better than one?

No, when high grade F7 filters are used on the exhaust side of your unit it will block up very quickly, relative to the lifespan of the incoming air filter and the capacity of the unit.

The end user will need to change the exhaust air filter more often and inconveniently, at different time intervals than the incoming air filter.

Two F7 filters will significantly increase relative pressure on your heat recovery ventilation unit without any increase to air quality.

How often should I change my filters?

The life span of your heat recovery ventilation filters is influenced by the quality of the filter and the airstreams flowing through them. With our Villavent system we recommend changing your filters at least once per year.
This helps to ensure you can continue benefiting from improved air quality.

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